A drawing I did with my best friend Scott after we found our friend Matthew's drawing during free-time in FACS (Family And Consumer Science). Dad made copies.

A drawing I made at my friends' requests about our friend Scott. He is an "Angelic Ninja-Bailiff Chicken THAT CAN FLY©". I believe that he was under the impression that he couldn't and demanded to be able to. (Note: the small figure on the left is "a guy who fell out of an airplane". The airplane in the top-right corner was cleverly drawn by Scott. This was entirely for comical purposes and has been copyrighted.)

-There's actually a more recent one that I will scan onto here soon (I hope). It's "Scott the Angelic-Ninja-Bailiff-Wizard-Rat King-Spider-Chicken THAT CAN FLY!©-

This is going to be the new logo for my movies (Ubercrazymazingness).

Mr. Yuckyface is back! If you don't know, Mr. Yuckyface took the place of the skull-and-crossbones symbol on dangerous household items. Many people grew up with Mr. Yuckyface. Anyways, there's a story behind why I put this on here (everything HAS to have an explanation, doesn't it?). Today in science, a Bohr model project was due. We had to make an atom model with random stuff, including food! One girl made a massive brownie. Scott had a lid with peanut butter, celery, nuts, and raisins in it (Carbon). It smelled awful. Well, my friend decided to use the Mr. Yuckyface symbol to represent her protons, neutrons, and electrons (she had different colors for each). Her element was Arsenic (its toxic), and it has forty-two neutrons, thirty-three protons, and thirty-three electrons! That's 108 Mr. Yuckyfaces that she had to cut out. Seriously! Its insanity! It looked really awesome though. It put everyone else's projects to shame (Including mine. I chose Beryllium and used different colored erasers. I got to use a ban-saw to cut the cardboard! It was awesome). 

Okay, here's the updated Scott picture. The captions are:

Top right: "spider-chicken web"; Under that: "he seems to be swinging on a web AND flying; Next to the gun: "Its a musket"; Next to the crown: "a king needs his crown"; By the shirt: "you can never leave home without your 'I'm with stupid' shirt" (my favorite caption, BTW); Pointing to the halo: "his halo"; By the sword: "his sword (katana)"; By the wand: "his magical blasty-wand-thingy that always seems to be shooting green lightning" (Scott's favorite caption); Next to the wing: "his best spider-chicken suit".



Como te llama?! These are random llamas my nerdy friends (and social studies teacher, who didn't actually draw his llama, but just told us the name. We decided to make it as nerdy as possible.) drew.

(I know its bad grammar)