As I said, it's my ultimate passion. I have over 60 books, lots of legos, and all of the movies (I found Episode I!!!).

Lets view some pictures!

These are the action figures and die-cast models I have on display on my bookshelf:

(Luke and Leia dangling from Luke's Stormtrooper issue cable, Lightsaber-armed ewok and Chewbacca attacking Darth Vader, Mace Windu attacking an Imperial Engineer [I know its not accurate, but there wasn't anyone else for him to fight], two holo-images fighting each other, an AT-ST, Obi-Wan and an R4 unit against Anakin [once again, I had nowhere else to put the R4 unit], and an empty display and Red Leader's X-Wing during the Battle of Yavin in Episode IV [I actually found the Starfighter that's supposed to go on that display, but I'm too lazy to take another picture)




Here's a link to more pictures: CLICK ME!!!