One Sentence Story

 Once upon a time, there was a boy named Bobby who was in the second grade and had a teacher who killed a man named Wallace who's sister's husband's brother was the father of a young man named Sam Perkins who liked to trick people and one day tricked a second-grader named Bobby to go into a cave that he said was filled with gummy bears which were Bobby's favorite sweets and were introduced to him by on old man who's granddaughter was married to Sam Perkins who tricked Bobby into going into a cave that was actually inhabited by a fire-breathing monkey who liked to steal bananas from a fruit stand run by a man and his wife who's son used to go to school with Sam Perkins, the young man who tricked Bobby into going into a cave on the other side of the town Bobby lived in and went to a school in, and what was quite strange was that the school was built on the burial grounds of a zebra named Willie who was the father of the fire-breathing monkey that just ran into a boy named Bobby, who pulled a handful of gummy bears out of his pocket and threw them at Harold, which was the name of the fire-breathing monkey, who spontaneously combusted and created a chemical reaction that Drastically Neutralized Everything, which spelled DOOM for most everybody, but when spelled backwards, spells


(And that it is a small world after all)


Hi Scott!