Indianapolis Museum of Art

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Ripple Generator

To start a wave pattern, click the left mouse button on a light (vertical white line) above or on the 'Wave' button below.   If you press the 'Wave' button the wave will start in the middle.  You may change the speed the wave travels by setting the 'Speed' text box below to a value between 1 (fastest) and 1000 (slowest) then press a light or the 'Wave' button again to see the different speed.

  Speed:    (1 - 1000)

This was one of two tools created as an interface with the interactive neon sculpture "Aurora", a temporary light sculpture located on the roof of the Indianapolis Museum of Art in 1999.  The rendering above describes the facade and roof line of the museum.  The rectangular area above made up of vertical white lines represents the 624 elements of neon installed on the roof as part of the sculpture.

Generating a ripple pattern on the above tool during the exhibition would cause an identical ripple pattern to be displayed on the roof of the museum - touching the light field described above would generate a ripple that would expand outward until it was literally visible in the night sky above the Indianapolis Museum of Art